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Kalibrasi ACS Series CHQ


ACS Series Digital Price-Computing 
CHQ Scale

  Operation Instructions

Brief introduction

ACS-D Series Digital Price-Computing Scale produced in our factory is a multi-function measuring apparatus. It has the characteristics of accurate measure ,sensitivity, easy operation and steady function etc. It adops an advanced chip computer and a sensor of superpresion with the reliable and steady performance and durability.

Main qualifications and functions

Specifications: 3kg/1g, 6kg/2g, 15kg/5g,30kg/5g, 30kg/10g

Accuracy: Grade ะจ Prevision(1/3000FS)

Set-tare: The set-tare weight is equal to the maximum weighing.

Over weight: Alarm automatically when the weight is over 0.15% of the    maximum.
Comprehensive function; it has the functions of auto-tracking, set-zero, set-tare
Accumulation, overweight alarm, for both AC and DC, battery alarm, auto-stop to save energy and
autosizing for the inside digital voltmeter etc.
Working power source:AC220V(-15%~+10%)50Hz    DC 6V/4AH chargeable battery

 Operation instruction

After opening box, please place the scale on the firm and flat table and adjust  it in the horizontal position.

1.  Insert the plug in the socket and now the AC indicator is Turn on the power switch and

2.  the electronic scale is doing automatic check out. The indicator displays “0”after flashing “8”. The weight window indicates the following:

Indicator condition
-----(at the middle)
Display long time,zero position is unsteady
            Wind  or wet
-------(at the top)
Zero position is too high
-------(at the underside)
Zero position is too low
 Accumulation condition
             Normal display
---Lb—(alarm voice)
The battery voltage is low 
5.4 ±0.1V
Charge battery
---OL--(alarm voice)
            move the subject
---NO—(alarm voice)
PCB can’t work
       Saving energy
Normal display

3 weigh up subject

3.1.1 Don’t weigh up the subject that is weigher than maximum. If the machine is overweigh, it will display “OL”  and hear of the alarm voice. User should move the subject right now from the machine to avoid damaging it.

  Setting Procedure
1.  Push and Hold ‘CE’than Switch‘On’the Power Switch ‘on/off’(under the scale).
2.  Display ‘F0’12345  Change Value ‘0’and ‘T’
3.  Display ‘F1’Yes/No Change Value ‘0’and ‘T’
4.  Display ‘F2’Yes/No Change Value ‘0’and ‘T’
5.  Display ‘F3’Yes/No Change Value ‘0’and ‘T’
6.  Display ‘F4’Nor/Set/Acs/Low Change Value ‘0’and ‘T’
7.  Display ‘F5’No Change Value ‘0’and ‘T’
8.  Display ‘F6’Yes/No  ‘Sound Beep’ Change Value ‘0’and ‘T’
9.  Display ‘F7’15/30 Change Value ‘0’and ‘T’
10.Display ‘F8’Yes/No Change Value ‘0’and ‘T’
11.Display ‘F9’Yes/No Change Value ‘0’and ‘T’
12.For Save Setting Push ‘MR’2x.
Calibration Prosedure

01  Push and Hold ‘0’than Switch ‘On’the CAL Switch Under the Scale
02  Display ‘C1’3/6/15/30 ‘Kg’ Change Value ‘0’and ‘T’
03  Display ‘C2’High/Low Change Value ‘0’and ‘T’
04  Display ‘C3’No/Yes Change Value ‘0’and ‘T’
05  Display ‘C4’Default
06  Display ‘C5’No/Yes Change Value ‘0’and ‘T’
07  For Save Setting Push ‘MR’then Display Save push ‘MR’
08  Input the Cal Load Value (3 until 30 kg)
09  Then Put the Load (Maximal Display Value 85999999)
10  Then Push the ‘MR’and Save.
11  If the load execed will Error Display
12  Change The Resistor to 20K Ohm in the circuit after Sign ‘+’ and Sign ‘–‘ loadcell.
13  Return to Cal Procedure